How Does Marketing Works in the Right Way?

In this article, we’ll see about how does marketing work in the right way and various modules, factors about marketing that every marketer should consider in his marketing journey. Whether you are a Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Copywriter, Traditional marketer or we can say, anyone who belongs to the marketing domain, This article will help you in your future marketing journey.

Fundamentals of marketing

Marketing is the activity that promotes the buying or selling of the product/service. But nowadays, we focus more on digital marketing rather than marketing itself. But in reality, you should focus more on marketing rather than the digital part. For eg., anyone can learn the technique of how to run facebooks ads from youtube but not anyone can get a good result from that Facebook ads. For good results from your ad spending, you must have understood your customer psychology.

Marketing starts before the product is created. It’s most important to understand your customer and their need that leads to creating products that fit.

Let’s take an eg. of Oyo rooms, The Founder and CEO of the company Ritesh Agarwal used to travel a lot and he stayed in different hotels, that time he realized about the poor hospitality facilities of the hotel industry. Then he created an accommodation system where people can get the best rooms, food, staff, and other services in a given budget. He understands the customer needs and develop a product that fit the customer need.

Marketing is the game of perception and the product is reality. When you are doing marketing of bad quality product/service then your marketing efforts will go to the infinity. no matter how good a marketer you’re, you’ll always struggle to sell your product/service.

The marketing effort for bad quality products = 

Vice versa for A good quality product, marketing is a preception. you need some efforts to sell the product at the beginning phase but after some period of time product sells itself and marketing becomes a perception.

The purpose of marketing is to build a brand and capture a position in the market. Everyone knows the brand Coca-cola, they always run ads with great ideas, they have captured the lead position in soft drinks industries in the world.


If some say Thanda Matlab the next line which hits your mind is Coca-Cola (Thanda matlab Coca-Cola) even if you type on google Thanda Matlab, Google will show you a suggestion for coca-cola.

The unique angle of marketing that matters. We know how the market is saturated now and how brands are competing with each other, In this competitive market you need to have a unique angle of yours.

Eg. how Oyo business model unique compare with the Make My Trip and Goibibo, Oyo focuses more on user experience rather than only the hotel’s room availability and prices. This type of unique angle you need to find in your niche.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing

The marketing fundamentals are the same for both types of marketing and both have some benefits and downsides.

Traditional marketing included Tv ads, newspapers, radio, and magazines and can be useful if you have a good brand identity. If you’re marketing for FMCG products then it will give you a max amount of visibility in the market also we can use this type of marketing for products like automobile brands that have a good brand image.

In other words, Digital marketing is useful when want to interact with your audience . Audience can engage with your content. he/she also can share their views, feedback, and many more through these marketing channels. When it comes to lead generation, digital marketing will very helpful channel.

In the above image, you can see a distribution of expenditure on traditional and digital media in the Indian advertising industry from 2016 to 2018 with a forecast until 2021. source of this data is

CATT Marketing Funnel

Content > Attension > Trust > Trasaction

You can understand from the above image the meaning of the CATT funnel, If you are looking for community building and natural sales of your product the CATT funnel is at most important.

Let’s have look at each term in the funnel

Content: many people say Content is the king because it plays a vital role when it comes to marketing. you need to provide good relevant content over the period of time to your audience. by providing good content you are adding value to their lives.

Attention: once you developed useful relevant content the next step is to promote that content. and get attention from your target audience.

Trust: When you’re providing value through your content and getting attention over some period of time then your audience will start trusting you. Please remember trust is a very important part of this funnel. trust is that factor that ensures your audience buy from you.

Transaction: once you build all the above three factors then sales will happen naturally, you just need to send the right msg to the right person at right time in the form of landing page, sales calls etc.

 Integrated Digital Marketing

When you combine all digital marketing modules and use them to drive sales then it is known as integrated digital marketed.

The above image shows you how integrated digital marketing works.

Why integrated digital marketing?

Different people will enter your funnel at different levels. let’s suppose some will come through paid ads, some will come through SEO, and some through social media so it’s our duty to make sure the platform is well integrated and driving traffic towards sales.

Eg. run a paid ad to drive traffic to your blog (content) push the audience to subscribe to you with the help of a lead magnet. give value to them via email marketing same concept you can add to social media.

This integrated digital marketing is like a machine. It is easier to achieve goals when you working as a team in an organization. this same phenomenon is used in integrated digital marketing. when all your marketing channels interact with each other, it will be easiest to achieve goals.

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

Building your personal image in front of your relevant audience and developing trust among your audience is knows as personal branding.

Below are the people who have successfully built their brand in their niche, these are the few names and eg. of personal branding. They have built their b brands by continuously providing value to the relevant audience

Personal branding has only one drawback, that is no one can invest in your brand and no one can buy you.

But once you build your personal brand then it will be easier for you to build your company brand. Let’s take an eg. of Digital Deepak, first he built his own brand Digital Deepak then recently he launched his Edtech company learn today.

And because the Digital Deepak name is involved in this company people start recognizing that the company is a brand and investors are interested to invest in this company. Currently, they are running an internship program and you can apply for the same by clicking the below link.

In other cases, someone launched a company brand without having a good personal brand then it is difficult for their company to take a position in the market in the beginning.

This is all about How does marketing work in the right way!

According to you how does marketing work in the right way?

what are the myths and facts about marketing that you know?

Comment below and let us know what you thought.

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