7 Effective Strategies for Boosting Your Website Traffic Without SEO

A website without traffic = Having No website.

From the above, you can get an idea of why website traffic is most important. In another word, we can say that website without traffic is like a car without fuel.

Sending more traffic to a website can generate more revenue for your business but that doesn’t mean sending traffic that are not your target audience. (Some people send bot traffic to websites but that will not be going to help to improve your business)

In this article, we’re going to see 7 Effective strategies which will help you to boost your website traffic without SEO.

There is no doubt about SEO that it has the potential to drive huge organic traffic to websites freely and the quality of the traffic from SEO is best. But the problem with SEO is that it is a long-term process and you have to invest some time and energy in it as compared to other activities, and not all small and local businesses / Freelancer have the budget for SEO. and that is why we’re going to see the different strategies to boost website traffic other than SEO.

But if you want to learn more about SEO and Keywords in SEO then please refer to this blog post by Vishnu Reddy : Types of Keywords in SEO 

Please keep in mind boosting website traffic with promotions on various platforms is not a single event, you’ve to consistently make promotional activities to drive traffic to your business website.

7 Effective Strategies for Boosting Your Website Traffic Without SEO

1. Google My Business (GMB)

You know the power of the google search engine and I can say that 99 percent of us are using the google search engine. Google is providing you a platform where you can freely register your business and google is giving you options to add all your business-related information including your website.

Setting up a GMB profile is a very easy and simple task. And if you do optimize it correctly it will give you more visibility for local searches. More visibility means more people will see your GMB profile and higher the chances of visiting your website. This means you’ll get free traffic from GMB. Remember one thing only setting up a GMB profile is not going to help you, you need to optimize it by updating it from time to time, by asking your customers to review your GMB profile which ultimately increases your visibility in local searches.

If you want more information about profile optimization of Google My Business then please check out this article written by me – Why Google My Business is Important for Your Local Business

2. Social Media

The majority of us are social media users and we mostly use social media for posting about our lifestyle, travel updates, family pictures, and festivals wishes, there is nothing wrong with it but you also must post about your business on social media.

You must talk about your business on social media like if you are a doctor then about your hospital/ clinic, talk about what kind of treatments you’re providing, talk about how you successfully treated your patients, and always link your website URL to your social media posts where people can check more about your product or service. A potential audience from your friend list will visit your website and they can easily contact you from your website.

3. Paid Digital Advertisement

It is a very powerful medium for driving instant traffic to your websites. You need some traffic then set up some ads put some budget to it and search engine / social media will drive instate traffic to your website.
It will be more helpful when you’re launching any new product or new service on your business website. Run paid advertising campaigns around your product or service and search engine / Social media will send traffic to it.

It has the huge power to send high traffic to your website. Yes it is paid, you need to have some budget for it, but if you run it properly then you can get maximum return on investment from it

4. Online Public Forums

The best example of a public forum is Quora. People can ask questions they have in their mind here and other people can provide answers to these questions. People are discussing some of their issues on this type of public forum.

Now take an example of real estate, You’re in a real estate business and someone asking a question like “Which type of property he should buy for his family” Since you are a real estate guy and you have listed the types of properties on your website then quickly provide that persona an answer with linking a specific link of the page from your website. So this person will visit your website and other people who have the same question in their mind and searching for it on this forum will also visit the website.

There are multiple public forums related to various niches available on the internet. Just search for the “Your Business” Public forum and you’ll get a list of the forums.

Please try to provide the best value to your target audience on these forums, do not spam.

5. Online Groups

We all are part of so many online groups like WhatsApp groups/ Facebook groups/ Telegram groups etc. or you join all business-related groups on these platforms and simply promote your business website here

Just posting a website link will not gonna help you to drive traffic, You must have to include your product/service related information in the post and then attach the link to it at the bottom.

Try to join private groups, not public groups. The frequency of spamming in the public group is more so it is better to join private groups or you can create a group by yourself and add your potential customers to it with their permission.

6. Customer Reviews

“The best marketing is word of the mouth” and if your customers are talking about your business online then what would be better than this for your business?

Ask your past and present customers to write a testimonial/review for the product/ service that they have purchased from you on their social media profile / WhatsApp status and another platform (Give them some discounts on future purchases if they are ready to review your business) Ask them to attach the link of your website to their post.

Potential customers from their contact list/friend list will check about your product/service by visiting your website.

7. Printed Materials

Printed Materials mean a physical hardcopy or your business-related material like visiting cards/ Your business magazine/ business Calendars etc.

All of these printed materials include your website link at the bottom. (If you can then please try to purchase a shorter domain name for the website so people can easily remember it and type it in their browsers)

Again from this activity, you’ll get free and potential traffic to your website.

Web Traffic Analytics (Tracking Your Website Traffic)

“Anything that cannot be measured cannot be improved” and that is why tracking your website traffic must be important to improve it.

This can simply be done by installing the Google Analytics tool on your website. It is a free tool from google which gives you data about your website traffic. Data like the Location of your web visitors / Source of the traffic coming / From the type of device they are browsing your website / Gender and so many things about the web visitors Google Analytics can give you.

From the data, you can improve your business marketing or online promotional activities which will again boost traffic to your website.


I hope now you have got an idea about how you can boost your website traffic without SEO

Please Note: Without taking any action you’ll not get any results, So please take action, implement the above strategies and get some results.

If you have any questions or feedback please let me know in the comment section or reach out to me at ayazshaikh332@gmail.com

Thank you.

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